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((Title’s all you need to know, really. I always had a lot of fun writing with Miko but it’s been more than half a year since I’ve felt properly capable of writing with her, and by now I’m just doubtful of the possibility of getting the use back. I won’t delete the blog, in case I do find myself able to write here again, but until further notice, don’t expect to hear anything. 

It’s been an absolute pleasure, and thanks to everyone for making it so fun as it has been. Really, it’s all thanks to others, for offering interactions and words, as even if we never rped together the chances are I’ll have read something of yours at some time or other. Again, thanks to all, stay fantastic.))

Judging by how late she had given it, the ghost could not have put anything other than a warm, cherry pie.


Last minute or not, it made a perfect present for one such as Miko, whose interest lay less in material possessions and more in precious experiences. 

”.. ‘Tis the time to be giving gifts, and hence, here is yours.” Tojiko held out a gift.


"No opening it til tomorrow. A merry Christmas."

"Ah? Oh, thank you, Tojiko, it’s much appreciated," Miko said with a smile, taking the gift and offering a hug in return.

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"Whaddya mean we’re gettin’ two groups in a day strollin’ by th’ forest?! Is somethin’ goin’ on that I wasn’ invited t’?"

Party in the forest, shh don’t tell the unknown host herself.

"I was just wandering by, myself, but if there is any kind of event I’d be most happy to join, if I may," Miko said with an amused smile. "If not, meeting someone else is more than sufficient for a successful outing, I should think, so if I might ask who you are..? As for me, I’m Toyosatomimi no Miko, though word of people seems to spread without introductions fairly often."


"Quite a welcome? I can see what you mean by that as well, ahaha.." Konngara remembered the time the young girl had weaved between her dimensional slashes without incident. "That is good, then, though I do wonder what time I might see her again. It would definitely be a long time if she opts against visiting me, though I may go to visit her instead.."

"Somehow I think it’ll come far sooner if you do visit yourself, as well. She seems to end up with people coming to her far more than her going to others, or so it’s appeared to me, with the shrine being a common visiting place. That said, that’s probably how it should be when she’s not off solving incidents and the like, since she’s its maiden and all. But of course, it’s debatable if that’s her real reason for letting people come to her instead," Miko murmured with a chuckle.

((I forgot how easy it is to write more than my other muses with Miko after getting started because she just says so much))



"How pleasant to see the Crown Prince up and about with so much enthusiasm. I was beginning to worry that she may have been attempting a second shikaisen process, after such a prolonged rest."

"Well, with so very much time on my hands nowadays compared to before, it’s easy to lose some here and there without noticing. But the joy of immortality is not having to worry about such losses, is it not? Amongst other things. And being a regent and all, it always would have been unseemly or whatnot if I was seen to be lazy at all before… Being able to do nothing if I want is quite the luxury."

Rekrul slinks around the plane of hermitage, searching for shiny things to take up and melt down into pretty jewelry. She couldn't care less if she was found, as obvious as she was being about moving.



"Oh my, seems someone’s been leaving entrances around again," Miko murmured upon spotting the visitor to her home. Perhaps that should have been ‘intruder’, but the taoist didn’t mind having guests, expected or otherwise. She gave a smile and a wave as she approached. "Hello," she greeted cheerfully. "Might I ask who it is in my home?"

"Nope" Rekrul retreats, holding both her middle fingers up in a bluff as she walks backwards.

"Really now? I would think I can, since in all technicalities I just did, and all that’s not being done is you giving an answer,” the saint replied, amused. “In any case, I’ll feel inclined to kick you out if not given a good reason for your being here, and it doesn’t take much for me to consider a reason ‘good’ enough for that, so really you probably don’t have all too much to worry about with most answers.”




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"My, it’s getting rather crowded here.  Nonetheless, greetings to you all~"

"Hello to you as well," Miko replied with a smile. "Pray do tell, whose presence am I honoured with today?"